Anna Roberts
Executive and business manager

Anna Roberts, M.P.H.

Anna Roberts holds a Master in International Public Health and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the University of Sydney, Australia and a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology from Furman University, South Carolina. She is the Executive Business and Programs Manager for the Optima Consortium.

Team leaders

Cliff Kerr
Software development lead

Cliff C. Kerr, Ph.D.

Cliff studied physics at the University of Sydney, with a focus on modeling and computational methods. He currently develops the software to support the group's modeling efforts, leads Optima training workshops, and supports country missions. He was a postdoctoral fellow in neuroscience at the State University of New York.

Robyn Stuart
Modeling and statistics lead

Robyn M. Stuart, Ph.D.

Robyn studied economics at the University of Sydney before completing a PhD in mathematics at UNSW, focusing on nonlinear dynamical systems. She works on algorithm development and the implementation of health economic analyses. She also leads Optima training sessions and country missions.

Jolene Skordis
Health economics lead

Jolene Skordis, Ph.D.

Jolene is an economist with over 10 years experience studying patient behaviour, health systems financing and medical poverty. Her applied research has focused primarily on the Economics of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and maternal care, including treatment seeking behaviour, the financial burden of service use and the economic evaluation of interventions to improve outcomes. She is a Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Global Health, in the Faculty of Population Health Sciences at the University College of London.

Nick Scott
Nutrition and HCV lead

Nick Scott, Ph.D.

Nick leads the group's modeling work in new disease areas, including HCV, malaria and nutrition.

Sherrie Kelly
HIV lead

Sherrie Kelly, Ph.D.

Sherrie is the lead of Optima's global HIV modeling project. She has a background in infectious disease epidemiology and is currently involved in developing a regional and global HIV model, as well as working with partners and country stakeholders on HIV and TB modeling applications.

Applications and development teams

David Kedziora

David Kedziora, Ph.D.

David received his Ph.D. in physics from the Australian National University. He works on algorithm development.

Romesh Abeysuriya

Romesh Abeysuriya, Ph.D.

Romesh works on general modeling and algorithm development.

George Chadderdon

George Chadderdon, Ph.D.

George works on development for Sciris.

Hassan Haghparast-Bidgoli

Hassan Haghparast-Bidgoli, Ph.D.

Hassan works on Optima TB applications.

Lara Goscè

Lara Goscè, Ph.D.

Lara works on Optima TB development.

Lara Gosce

Gerard Abou-Jaoude, M.Sc.

Gerard works on Optima TB applications.

Rowan Martin-Hughes

Rowan Martin-Hughes, Ph.D.

Rowan works on both model development and applications across all disease areas.

Chris Kuschel

Chris Kuschel, Ph.D.

Chris works on development for Optima HCV.

Sam Hainsworth

Sam Hainsworth

Sam works on applications and development of Optima Nutrition.

Applications partners

University College London

Jasmina Panovska-Griffiths, Laura Grobicki, Timothy Colburn, Sung Wook Kim, Lu Gram

University of Bern

Olivia Keiser, Janne Estill, Zofia Baranczuk, Cindy Zahnd, Luisa Salazar

Former Optima team members

Richard Gray, Andrew Shattock, Iyanoosh Reporter, Madhura Killedar, Romesh Abeysuriya, Alex Hoare, Kel Heymer, Karen Schneider, Eric Chow, Lei Zhang, Amy Kwon, Dam Anh Tran, Braedon Donald, Karina Razali, Stephen Anthony, Quang Pham, Charisse Farr, Matthew O'Dwyer, Andrew Craig, Hugo Bowne-Anderson, Sarah Jarvis, Ruth Pearson, Ines Yap, Janka Petravich, Azfar Hussain

World Bank contributors to Optima

Several people have contributed to the development of Optima in different capacities. As a partner in customizing Optima and its use at country level, the following World Bank team members have made valuable contributions: Marelize Görgens, Emiko Masaki, Nicole Fraser-Hurt, Clemens Benedikt, Alona Goroshko, Zara Shubber, Fernando Lavadenz, Carla Pantanali, Markus Haacker, Theo Hawkins, Wendy Heard, Diego Cuadros and David Wilson.

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