Helping national decision-makers, program managers, and funding partners achieve maximum impact with the funding available for the country's public health response and plan for sustainability.

Optima helps to:

  • Identify public health programs to be prioritized with available funding
  • Determine resources required to reach coverage targets and epidemiological objectives
  • Consider the country's disease burden trends and how these change under different funding scenarios
  • Establish the most cost-effective intervention mix for a country's public health epidemic
  • Reveal the investment allocation and coverage allocation for minimizing incidence, disease-related mortality, or both
  • Calculate the future treatment, care, and support costs for people affected by infections or disease
  • Determine the number of new infections, disease cases and deaths averted through investments

Optima assists national decision-makers and program managers in achieving maximum impact for every dollar invested in targeted programs. Optima can improve country and health policy decision-making though informing domestic and international public health funding allocations and target program and coverage levels.

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