I simply wish that in a matter which so closely concerns the wellbeing of the human race, no decision shall be made without all the knowledge which a little analysis and calculation can provide.Daniel Bernoulli, 1760

Who we are

The development of the suite of Optima tools and their application to policy and research questions is conducted by a network of academic partners to:

  • Make user-friendly, open-source software to support better decision-making in health
  • Actively contribute to academic research and development
  • Work directly with countries to facilitate better-informed public health investment choices
  • The primary Consortium partners for developing and applying the Optima suite of tools are Burnet Institute, University College London, University of Bern, and the University of New South Wales

    Optima tools have been developed and applied in close partnership and with funding from global health agencies including the: World Bank, Global Fund, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Optima also receives funding from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council.

    What we do

    The Optima approach and disease-specific tools were conceptualized and developed by the Directors of the Optima Consortium for Decision Science, Ltd. in partnership with the World Bank. These concepts have been extended by Consortium partners. For a brief video explaining the Optima Approach click here.

    All software produced by the Optima Consortium for Decision Science is open-access, cloud-based software written in Python and JavaScript. Since it is used via a web interface, the only requirement for use is an internet connection. For more information on the specific tools available for each disease area please visit the relevant menu headings.

    To download a copy of our brochure click here.